Have you ever felt like being Sensitive was a hindrance.

That things would just be easier if you weren’t so sensitive?



@ Work

for Sensitives

As a Sensitive can you relate to any of the following?

  • At work have you ever said yes to a project or a request only because you were afraid of what would happen if you said no?

  • You don’t like to make waves.

  • You are the one to keep the peace.

  • You would felt guilty if you didn’t say yes to a request.

  • You don’t want anyone to be mad at you.

  • You would rather just suck it up than ask for help.

  • You are not sure how to balance being “nice'‘ AND have boundaries

If you said yes to any of the above, then I am here to help.

Join me for the Boundaries @ Work Program for only $97


You can Discover, Strengthen and Communicate your boundaries all while staying connected to you sensitive nature!

This program is for you if…

  • You have work stress that is caused by taking on too much

  • You have coworkers , staff, or customers that come to you to dump their problems on you

  • Work issues follow you home and disrupt your home life

  • You have a hard time telling people “no”

  • You are a people pleaser

  • You always want to keep the peace

"I’m proud of myself! Without any excuses or reasons I just basically said, ‘here’s what works for me’. And no issues. Agreement! Yay! What a great resource you are Tanya.”

Lynn V.

pic for boundaries bio.jpg

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tanya Hanson, I struggled with my boundaries for years. I didn’t want to make anyone upset because of my actions. It never mattered what my needs were, I always put others in front of myself. I never felt as though I was capable for speaking my truth…

…Then I started playing with small ways of expressing my truth and letting others know what my boundaries were. I found out the world did not implode because I learned where my boundaries were. Little by little I got more confident and I felt more in control of my life.

My boundaries were not hard and rigid things that could never be changed, but a symphony of ways in which what worked for me Through my experience in corporate settings, as a contracted employee, a business owner and a teacher, I have had to make boundaries in them all. I can help you find your boundaries and feel good putting them in place.

What if you could do the same?

What if you could express your needs without guilt?

What if you could let ‘no’ be a complete sentence or say yes and feel confident about your choice?

What is included in the Boundaries @ Work for Sensitives Program?

Module One

We will dive into what boundaries are and why we need them. We will look at the different levels of boundaries and how each one plays a part in finding your own strong boundaries.  We will look how boundaries bring balance into our lives and help us be more present each day.

Module Two

We will clarify our boundaries.  Being sensitive does not mean you automatically have no boundaries.  Find out what boundaries you already have and discover what boundaries will make your life easier.

Module Three

We will dive into practices that will move you from boundary overwhelm to balanced and free.  We will connect with what you truly desire and how your boundaries can help you define that.

Module Four

We will be practicing with small boundaries and moving up to larger boundaries all while using clear communication.  We will also learn how to handle reactions and responses and manage our own fear in placing boundaries for ourselves. And how to manage the energy that goes along with standing in your own power.

In addition to all of these you get the following FREE Bonuses

  • Be confident that you will get the help you need in my private FB community. This is where I offer ongoing support, answer questions, offer free tips and tools, as well as my paid programs and coaching, to ensure that you are able to move through your settling boundaries journey. I am here to help in any way I can!

  • A Checklist of Strong Boundaries This checklist will help you clearly communicate your boundary and help you be prepared what you might say when someone pushes back on your boundary.

  • Guided Meditation for Living in the Present Moment


When does this program start? March 4th is the first week. The Course is open until March 12th but then it will be closed to new students.

How will this material be delivered? Via the website teachable.com. Each time there is new information added to the Boundaries @ Work Program you will be sent a notification. You will then be able to sign in and access that week’s lesson and all previous lessons.

How much time will this take? Each Module will have four lessons, ranging from 7-15 minutes each. There will be some action steps that will take additional time.