Ready to pause and connect to the changes in your life with Self Compassion, Nourishment and Humor? Welcome home.

This is a community for spiritual and heart centered women who want to connect with the oneness inside themselves while navigating all the changes that happen in their lives.

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Then introduce yourself to the group in a new post. Lurking may feel safe, but it really just keeps you living in a small world...let your light shine and share!

Let us know a little about who you are and what you do, plus what city you are from.

Be sure to comment on other people’s posts. This is a community for us to comment, support and explore with others.

DO NOT drop inspirational quotes or quote photos or links with no explanation. Share why it is something that you wanted to share. Shine your Light!!

Make friends, support one another, and ask your questions about Life, Oneness, You know...the deep stuff you are curious about.

I’ll be sharing information that I think is helpful and teaching you how to explore what this life has to offer.  Let’s enjoy the ride!!