You Choose.

Time is a precious commodity, no matter if it seems to drag on slowly and painfully, fly by hummingbird style or suspended, a still point.

Our hearts hold the memories of times past, our heads eagerly race ahead to time not yet here. The still point is a grounding into what is right now. The 18 inches between the head and the heart can be a clearing ground and connection which in turn becomes a conduit for now, now and now.

A friend recently passed away, died, transitioned. A mother who has “lost” her son, he too having left this earth behind.  So many ways to describe that the earthly body is no longer animated with personality, and so time becomes obvious, even painfully so.  Family grasping at memories that will not be added to, futures looking immensely different than planned.  A NOW that is heartbreakingly obvious. Time heals all wounds?  I don’t know.

Time and Living are linked.

Stubborn.  Angry.  Stuck. 

Small.  Big.  Boring.  Exciting.

Heartfelt.  Eager.  Adventurous.

We get to choose!    

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 

Mary Oliver

 Our time on this planet is fleeting.  This does not dictate a necessity of great action, nor does it force the stopping of anything.  But it does invite awareness.  Awareness that you choose your actions or non-actions on purpose. In a way that connects your Heart, Soul and Life.

You Choose.