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The Lagom Women's Retreat starts Friday evening.  Check in Friday afternoon to give yourself even more time to relax.  We will close our Friday evening session with candlelight gentle yoga, a wonderful way to get into your body and release any kinks from the  week.

Saturday morning you have the option of another gentle morning yoga class, a tasty breakfast and time to enjoy your coffee or tea before we head outside for a Healing Herbal Walk where we will learn from the skilled and talented Colleen. Colleen will even guide us on making a healing salve.

Lunch, connecting with self compassion and mindfulness, time to let it all sink in will fill Saturday afternoon.  After dinner we will have a ceremony of release and renew, closing our evening with another option for yoga.

Sunday we wrap up our weekend by noon. Giving you time to make your way home leisurely and gently. 

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What's Included?

All Inclusive price of $447

What is included in the Lagom Women's retreat...

  • 2 Nights lodging at a beautiful home in Scandia, MN
  • Area parks, nature and walking paths
  • Saturday and Sunday Breakfast
  • Saturday Lunch and Dinner
  • Yoga classes  appropriate for all level and beginners as well.
  • Healing Herbal Walk
  • Healing Salve Class/Demonstration
  • Guided Meditations
  • Practices of Self Compassion and Mindfulness
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Don't want to stay on site?  Contact me for a non stay cost option.  Have any other questions not answered on this page? (@) gmail (dot) com

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When you take the time to retreat from the world, retreat into yourself, and be guided gently with compassion, you are able to relax.  You can rest in the space of intimately connecting with your heart.  Finding a sanctuary to boost your ability to be true to yourself.  Spend time filling YOUR cup so that you can share from the overflow.  It doesn't matter if you live by yourself, are an empty nester or have children in your home,  disconnecting from the regular patterns of life give you the ability to reset yourself back to center.


Hi, I'm Tanya

I had a realization when I was a parent of two small daughters that I needed to find ways to relax, regroup and renew myself so that I could be my truest self and teach my girls the same.

I have traveled through the world of massage therapy, having been a massage therapist for over 15 years.  I reached out and used my skills within hospice programs and built my own business.  And I wanted to do more.  

I was yearning for more connection, I wanted to be with other women to say we are enough, we are not too much, we know in our hearts what is true.  I started leading day long workshops, retreat days, and women's circles all leading up to expanding into weekend retreats.  Because I knew there could be more impact with a bit more time to reflect.

I was able to experience the healing and transformative power of taking time to self reflect, and pause.

That is what I want to help you do. Pause and Connect. 

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page or the registration forms contact me (@) gmail (dot) com