Summer Days

Summer Greetings!

I try not to take anything for granted.  When possible I like to have my morning tea outside and mid day is always a nice time for some fresh air.  When I want to really feel like I am living the dream, I bring my work outside and listen to the birds.  Truth be told, even though you are reading this in type font, I originally wrote this sitting outside on my patio pen in hand with a breeze, the birds and a beautiful blue sky.

This summer my calendar is full - just like I suspect yours is as well.  Sometimes I feel a bit of panic to try and get it all done.  Whatever 'it' is. Then I try to pause, to reflect on how the unease is affecting my current experience and check in to see if I need to make any adjustments.

That's just what I did this week. I was missing a couple close friends, so I sent them a message asking if we could get together.  We could.  We did.  I had a great time, it was nourishing to my soul and helped me move into the enjoyment of summer even more fully.

In my case, adding something to my schedule was what was helpful for me, specifically adding the time to be supported and loved.  What about you?  When you look at your calendar, what does it bring up for you?  Excitement and Contentment? Dread and Drugery?  Check in with yourself to see if adding or subtracting something would bring more ease.  It might be as easy as adding a phone call to someone special, or rescheduling an appointment to fit better into your schedule.  Maybe you need to plan a few hours to yourself doing something that will fill your cup, like reading, walking, cooking, sleeping, crafting, what ever you can think of to help you make a plan to get out of auto pilot.

I would like to invite you to press pause on auto pilot for a few days. Join me at Lagom Women's Retreat, September 21-23.

Lagom means just right in Swedish.  At the Lagom Retreat you will have the opportunity to focus on filling your cup, coming into a place of ease and wellness and exploring what this looks like in your day to day life.

The retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE, food, snacks, lodging, classes, workshops, ceremony and fun extras.
Check out all the details and pictures HERE.  There is very limited space so contact me for an application and reserve your spot!

Scandia is located 45 minutes NE of Minneapolis/90 minutes SE of St. Cloud.  
The host site for this retreat is a lovely, spacious, and comfortable home of a dear friend.  She regularly opens her home to visitors through airbnb and is excited to host us this fall!

May the sun and rain of summer be nourishing to your well being!