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Fall 2019 Retreat in Italy

Spend 10 days in glorious, Tuscany, Italy. Soaking up the amazing vistas, personalized cooking classes from a top notch restaurateur and chef, the countryside pace of life, time exploring Florence, see the statue David, personalized winery tours, authentic Italian food, yoga classes, mindfulness practices and much, much more.


Our society expects us to be in a perpetual state of summer bloom all year long. Nothing is capable of that without burn out. No where in nature is that a reality.  It can not be a reality for us as humans either if we want to enjoy and fully live this life.

Winter officially starts on December 21st, the winter solstice.  In nature, winter is the time of rest and stillness, bears hibernate, trees are dormant.  

What if you let this winter season be one of rest and stillness for you.  What if you allow yourself to go Inward, Reflect and Dream this winter season.

Join this 8 week virtual women’s circle and self study.  Imagine using this winter season to build inner soul strength, fill your well of self-compassion and explore your desires and dreams. When Spring arrives you will have the energy, ideas and vision to live your life authentically and on purpose.  

This 8 week gathering will be a virtual women’s circle, gathering via computer or phone for 4 live calls all recorded for you to listen to again or if you are not able to make it to a live call.  Regular emails, 4 journal prompts designed to help you reflect and listen to your inner stillness.  And a private facebook group.  The facebook group gives us a private space to connect with what is coming up for us during the 8 weeks and for sharing aha’s and celebrations.


 Lagom Retreat will be held in lovely, Scandia MN.

Lagom Retreat will be held in lovely, Scandia MN.


Connecting Your Heart, Soul and Life Women's Retreat

October, 6-8 2017

Boyd Lodge, Crosslake, MN

Give yourself the gift of you! Join us for a weekend of fun and self-discovery in the unique, northern woods of Minnesota. Nestled among pines and oaks, surrounded by the water of some of the most stunning of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. October in Minnesota is a colorful oasis of trees in all hues and shades of yellow, red and orange. 

Experience the unique opportunity of stepping back from your day-to-day busyness and connect with quiet and the simplicity and beauty of nature. We will be lodged at the wonderful Boyd Lodge, which sits between two lakes, and has beautiful cabins, views and space to be.

While there will be ample time for exploring the woods and stunning beauty of the area, the focus of the retreat will be on accessing your inner self. Workshops including How to Connect with your Heart, Releasing Old Stories, and Simple and Filling Ways to Find Space for YourSelf in Your Everyday Life

We will sit joyfully in circle, journal, practice yoga, meditate, and work experientially in small groups. Over the weekend you will be supported and guided ~ learning to connect with yourself and finding tools that will allow you to live your life with a deeper sense of what brings you joy and gladdens your heart.

Friday Check in to Boyd Lodge is 2 pm or later, you are welcome to get settled in and explore the beautiful offerings of the area before our start.  The Opening Circle will be determined once the arrival times of everyone is set, but will be 7:30 pm or later.  Sunday we will be closing our circle by noon,  allowing you to take your time going home.